Stroud Chalford Nailsworth Upholstery & Reupholstery

Marcus Spencer, resident of Stroud, is one of Gloucestershire’s leading upholstery specialists serving Stroud,Nailsworth and Chalford as well as clients in London.
Marcus Spencer Upholstery is the ideal choice for people living in Stroud,Chalford and Nailsworth who are interested in quality traditional upholstery using traditional upholstery materials and techniques ,with over 20 years of experience. Marcus’s upholstery service is all about restoring beautiful antique soft furnishings to their former glory using the best materials and the best techniques.





Fine Upholstery Service in Stroud,Chalford and Nailsworth

Marcus’s Upholstery Services include re-upholstery of cherished heirlooms as well as items bought at auctions across Gloucestershire with re-upholstery in mind. Whether the piece you need re-upholstering is Regency , Victorian, or Edwardian Marcus Spencer Upholstery will be able to restore it to become a beautiful feature within the home.

Marcus Spencer Upholstery sources the best traditional upholstery materials from all over the UK as well as modern fabrics from leading upholstery suppliers here in Stroud.

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